The Four Houses' Terms and Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions. When booking, you confirm you read and agree with the terms and conditions of booking, payments and checking in and out when staying at The Four Houses complex, owned by Two Sisters Ltd.

Security Deposit

A security deposit in the amount of one overnight payment is required to be paid at the time of reservation and is returned back at the time of checking out. It serves to cover any damages caused by the client on the appliances and furniture in the house, as well as any property damages. At the time of checking out, the amount of the damages will be withdrawn from the deposit amount. In cases when the deposit amount is not enough to cover the damages caused, the guest is required pay the difference.

Kitchen cleaning

We don’t expect you to clean the house after your stay. But we think leaving mountains of dirty dishes into the sink and trash on the countertops is a rather bad taste. Your host will deduct 20 BGN “cleaning tax” from your security deposit if he finds the kitchen is left in excessive untidiness.

Reservation deposit

When paying a deposit by bank transfer, the remaining 50% of the amount should be paid by bank transfer at the latest on the day preceding the day of the check-in.

Cancelation and refund

Reservation deposit refund is possible when the reservation is canceled up to 60 days before check in date.

Check in and check out

Check in - between 15:00h and 21:00h. Check out - until 12 noon. Checking in or out outside this timeframe - additional 10 BGN/Hour tax should be paid.

Additional accommodation

Children up to age of 7 may sleep in recliner sofas in the houses with no charge. If the sofas are used by adults, a payment of 15 leva per night, per person is required and added to the price per night for the house.


Pets are not allowed in the houses, unless a permission from the houses' host is obtained over the phone. Please contact: 0888 403 740

Jacuzzi - temporary under renovation

For the relaxed and nourishing experience during your stay, we offer you to use our jacuzzi. It can hold maximum 5 people at a time. The prices for using the jacuzzi (for all the guests in one house):
summer time - 28 leva
winter time - 30-35 leva
Please inform your host in advance whether you would want to use the jacuzzi. Contact information: Diana Hristova 0888 403 740.

Your host

Diana Hristova is the name of your host and she will be taking care and ensure your comfort during your time at The Four Houses. Please contact Diana 24 hours before arriving at 0888 403 740 so that she can arrange your welcoming and checking in.