What We Can Do in the Area

ostenkovtsi village is in a part of Bulgaria where there is something new for you to see and experience every day, even if you stay a whole month. On this page we offer you activities that will help you sate a whole ten-day vacation in the Four Houses.

A tip for walks and hikes: Bring tourist shoes! Bring a bottle of water! It is recommended that you use protection from the sun – hats, sunscreen, suitable clothing.

A round trip with a picnic to Chomatsite and back – a 3-hour walk

At the village water fountain right across the gate of the Four Houses, you start following the natural stone plates and the markings. When you get to the asphalt road (200 m up from there), you have a choice – you can go on straight through the lawn uphill to a dirt road, or you can follow the markings to the spot where the asphalt road meets the dirt road (about 600 m east). That is where the signs point you right, should you be headed to the Dryanovo Monastery. Should you follow our route, though, you can take a left turn and follow the cart-way. It moves westward on a ridge, parallel to the Central Balkan range, and is a panoramic path that offers a sprawling view in all directions. It takes about 40 min to get to Chomatsite. The stone houses and walls in Chomatsite are like natural mineral formations among the lush greenery. This village is the secret shelter of several artists and painters. We will only mention that here you can find the house of the unforgettable Nevena Kokanova, as we can no longer trouble her by asking for her last favourite place.

Leave the village and keep east down the asphalt road. About 200 m after the last gardens, a dirt road crosses the asphalt one. If you head left and down, it will take you 10 min. to get through the lawns to the dairy farm and the horse riding base in Kostenkovtsi. If you head right and up, though, we promise you a breathtaking view in another ten minutes or so. Follow the road, moving by the pumping station on your right, and you will have a view towards Buzludja and Shipka. At the road branch after that, keep to the right path that climbs up into the forest. Don't be alarmed if you hear a rumble – that would be from the stone quarry. You will have a view of the earth's naked bowels to your left. Enter the forest and follow the narrow path, until it takes you to an almost unreal place.

At the end of the forest you will find yourself on a plateau that suddenly drops into the Danube Plane. You will feel like you are on an airplane, only with no restricting portholes. Or perhaps like a bird, because your sight will fly to a distance, where the horizon levels up with your eyes. Beneath you there will be nestled villages, meandering roads, rivers, brooks, and lakes. Colourful woods, fields, and lawns criss-cross the panorama. This is a favourite place and a fly-off spot for hang-gliders, para-gliders and everyone else who dares challenge the natural boundaries of human movement in space.

t is also a great place for a picnic. We kindly request: please, protect the woods and leave nothing behind. Please cover up the fireplace with tufts of fresh grass.

Go back to the asphalt road near the end of Chomatsite, and then go back down to the dirt road towards the horse riding base in Kostenkovtsi. We encourage you to buy white and yellow cheese from the dairy farm.

A second, shorter way to Chomatsite

At the horse riding base in Kostenkovtsi, head straight up a path and you will get to Chomatsite in 15 min. Go back using the slightly more roundabout dirt road through the same lawns, which comes out to the asphalt road several metres down.

Eco-trail to Dryanovo Monastery

Follow the markings straight up, starting at the water fountain right across the gate. The route is about 4.5 km in one direction. The road varies: asphalt, dirt road, through fields and through woods. You can go back by car or by foot, using the direct asphalt road (approx. 8 km) through Gesha village, also called Gesha View by the locals, as several British families have settled there on a hill with a lovely view.

Sunset Walk

If you have no wish for longer walks and you would simply like to stretch your legs after a meal, we recommend that you follow the eco-trail for Dryanovo Monastery and get to the bench at its highest point – about 600 m. That bench offers a vast view to the east, south, and west, and is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Bicycle Rides in the Area or Short-Range Driving Destinations

The Kostenkovtsi area is very suitable for bicycle rides. Here are several nearby destinations that we recommend:

Other Attractions in Kostenkovtsi

  • A dairy farm, where real white cheese, yellow cheese, and yogurt are produced with milk from the local animals.
  • Hang-gliding or Para-gliding – the jump-off point is at the spot, described in the detailed description of the round trip with a picnic to Chomatsite and back.

Short-range Driving Destinations