About us, about the houses, about the location

Sometimes architecture, like novels and movies, tells stories – and we become the characters in these stories. The Four Houses have been created to the delight of body, mind, and memory. Their history incites imagination, without burdening it with obscure meanings.

The houses are reconstructed old buildings from a typical Kostenkovtsi village yard – a residential building, a granary, a summer kitchen, and a barn. The old times' heritage has been kept alive as much as to give the soul of an otherwise contemporary vision. Tradition has been respected and brought to life, but not mummified. This way we can honestly appreciate our ideas of life in the late 19th and early 20th century, while enjoying a cup of fragrant espresso, prepared in the neat kitchen, equipped with all modern amenities. It does not need to be strictly an espresso...

Kostenkovtsi village is located in the northern hills of the Predbalkan, between the towns of Gabrovo and Dryanovo. The beauty of the countryside here is really lavish, while each stone and every turn keep evidence of Bulgarian history, signs of cultural achievements by people of several civilisations. Really close by you can find the Dryanovo Monastery and the underground gallery of time-shaped masterpiece – the Batcho Kiro Cave. The most comfortable means of transportation to Kostenkovtsi is by car or bus: from Southern Bulgaria – through the Shipka Pass; from Northern Bulgaria – following the route from Veliko Turnovo to Gabrovo, or from Sevlievo to Gabrovo.

JacuzziJacuzzi - temporary under renovation

For nice full relax of our guests we've build a jacuzzi. The jacuzzi can be used from up to 5 people simultaneously. The price is 28 BGN per day in summer season and 30-35 BGN for winter season - for all house guests.

If you want to use the jacuzzi, please call your host Diana Hristova at phone number 0888 403 740.


  • Swimming pool 15 x 3 m
  • Recliners with sunshades - 10x
  • 4 interior kitchens equipped with: a refrigerator, cooking plates, an oven, a kitchen aspirator, a coffee boiler, a toaster, a complete set of kitchen utensils.
  • A washing machine and a dishwasher in the Two-Story House.
  • Bed linens and bathrobes are provided.
  • TV in every living room and all common rooms – 7x
  • Bulsatcom satellite TV in each house – full package
  • Wireless internet access
  • CD-radio in every house.
  • Video player - 1x
  • An iron and an ironing table.
  • Optional room cleaning for longer stays.
  • An outdoor barbecue and a summer kitchen furnace with a lovely view
  • Preparation of breakfast and food by the hosts or the neighbour Petya, if the guests would like that.
  • Orchard at your disposal – anything that is ripe is yours for the taking.

  • All public services such as banks, health services, et cetera, can be accessed in the district town of Gabrovo, located 12 km away from Kostenkovtsi village.


You have 3 options. Option number 1: Prepare food yourself. Every house has a completely equipped kitchen with all necessary appliances, accessories, and utensils, as well as spices, sugar, cooking oil, vinegar, onions… The orchard up from the parking lot offers seasonal vegetables, while the garden around the swimming pool and the village streets are full of fruit-trees. It is best to arrive with a trunk load of foodstuffs, if you are intent on cooking. If you haven't bought all necessary products, Gabrovo and Dryanovo are really close by. You can seek assistance from Diana Hristova, who is your host.

If you don't feel like cooking, you can order different dishes from the your host Diana.


Diana Hristova is your host, who will see to your comfortable stay at the Four Houses. You can reach her at phone number 0888 403 740, so she can welcome and accommodate you.

* Note: Accommodation on arrival - between 15:00 to 21:00. Check after the end of your stay - until 12:00. Checking in or out outside this timeframe - additional 10 BGN/Hour tax should be paid.