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Sometimes architecture, like novels and movies, tells stories – and we become the characters in these stories. The Four Houses have been created to the delight of body, mind, and memory. Their history incites imagination, without burdening it with obscure meanings.

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Artistic spaces in-between thick stone walls, south-exposed windows facing fruit-trees, a swimming pool, a summer bar and a view that entices the eyes to roam around the Predbalkan's soft hills... Four individual houses with a total of 6+1 double bedrooms and capacity to welcome up to 20 people.

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You can enjoy the comfort and cosiness of all houses at the price of BGN 632.5 per night. For more than 2 nights, you will receive a 5% discount, and for more than 5 nights - a 10% discount. You can also rent one, two, or three houses – as much space as you need.

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JacuzziJacuzzi - temporary under renovation

For nice full relax of our guests we've build a jacuzzi. The jacuzzi can be used from up to 5 people simultaneously. The price is 28 BGN per day in summer season and 30-35 BGN for winter season - for all house guests.

If you want to use the jacuzzi, please call your host Diana Hristova at phone number 0888 403 740.

thereddoorshouseOne more suggestion - Solishta Village

If you would prefer to immerse yourself in the cool forests of the Rhodope Mountain, instead of the Gabrovo Balkan, we can present you with another exciting offer. The Red Doors House in Solishta village will provide you with comfort at an attractive price. The endless tourism opportunities in the area are complemented by the great ski tracks in the winter season and the multitude of natural phenomena for all enthusiasts. You are welcome to visit Solishta, too!