The Granary House

granaryThe Granary house showcases design's ability to improve people's everyday life. The former barn has been re-created as a temple of beautiful spaces and cosiness. The white bedroom is on the level of the central entrance, placed in an atrium above the kitchen and living room. The living room sofa can be extended. The house is a space, seemingly created as a playground for the light that pours in from the east, south, west, from above and… from below. An antique mirror, transformed into a living room table, reflects the sunrays that descend from the ceiling, refracted by the beams of the roof construction. One corner of the living room accommodates a "Chudo" (Miracle) woodstove which adds heat to cosiness on colder days. The window-door to the south porch, more than 3 m tall, turns the garden's fruit-trees into a painting as part of the interior. The small kitchen and dining room are in the colours of acacia trees.

Virtual Tour

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Accommodation, Prices and Conditions

The price per night for The Granary House is 116 BGN. The minimum is 2 nights. The price is without 9% VAT. When renting the house for three to five nights, you receive a 5% discount, and when renting it for more than five nights – a 10% discount. If you rent two houses, you receive an additional 2% discount; a 4% discount for renting three houses, and 7% for all of them. At arrival a safety deposit needs to be paid to the amount of one night's rent; it will be returned to you, when you are ready to leave. For more information about the other three houses, please see the Barn House, the Two-Story House, and the Wagon House, as well as about the yard and the pool.