The Swimming Pool

The pool, being the centrepiece of the complete space of the Four Houses, makes up for Kostenkovtsi's only flaw – the lack of a natural lake or large river. The pool is large and deep enough to allow for swimming. Children are cleverly protected against accidental falling into the water – through a loose fishing net, which can be stretched in front of the pool to provide the parents with composure without concealing the beautiful vista of the hills and the mountain to the south.

The Bar

The bar in the shade of the old cherry tree is where you can relax in the embrace of coolness after tanning by the pool and enjoy the caresses of the fragrant wind with a refreshing drink in hand.

Summer Kitchen and Dining Room

The shelter between the Two-Story House and the Wagon provides a barbecue with a furnace and a table for 12. From this vantage point you can see the entire yard and it is the perfect place for adults to gather around the table, while the children play in the garden.

Accommodation, Prices and Conditions

The price for renting all houses is BGN 511.5 per night. The minimum is 2 nights. The price is without 9% VAT. When renting the houses for three to five nights, you receive a 5% discount off the price, and when renting for more than five nights – a 10% discount. At arrival a safety deposit needs to be paid to the amount of one night's rent; it will be returned to you, when you are ready to leave. For more information about the houses, please see the Two-Story House, the Wagon House, the Granary House, and the Barn House. If you would like to check your desired dates for availability, please see the Availability Schedule